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Still Going Strong!


Yep. The headline says it all: I'm still going strong, nearly two years into this journey. And what a journey it's been. As I write this, in mid-December 2014, I am within four pounds of a healthy BMI, for pretty much the first time ever. (I was at a healthy BMI for about five minutes before getting pregnant with my first child, back in 1988.) I have lost 19" from my hips, 13.5" from my waist and 12" from my bust -- and I've gone from a size 26/28 to a size 14 (and the size 14 is getting a little baggy, to be perfectly honest). 

But that's just the number on the scale. The scale can't measure how happy and healthy I feel. That's what I wanted when I set out on this journey back in mid-January of 2013: to experience greater health and happiness. What I hadn't counted on back then was how much I would come to love being physically active. My twice-daily walks help to boost my mood, reduce my anxiety, and fuel my overall feelings of wellness.

I've written two articles about my journey. The first appeared in the October 2014 issue of Canadian Living and featured a rather glamorous photo of me. (This is likely the one and only time in my life that I'll have the chance to play supermodel, so I'm sharing the photo spread with you.) The second article appeared on the Fitbit website when I was featured as a Fitbit Success Story. (As you may recall, I wear a Fitbit Flex exercise bracelet to encourage myself to log 10,000 or more steps each day.)

Thanks to blog reader Lillian, who encouraged me to write this update. It's something I've been meaning to do for a while and I was feeling more than a little guilty for not letting my community of supporters know that I'm not merely doing okay: I'm thriving. Thanks for your continued support, everyone. I really appreciate it.


The Body Department

I am finding myself increasingly fascinated with the biology of fitness, nutrition, and weight loss.

This reminds me of back when I was pregnant and eager to immerse myself in all things pregnancy. (I had a foot-high stack of pregnancy books on my night table. I lived and breathed pregnancy 24/7.)

Now that I have let go of the shame, guilt, and fear associated with being overweight, my natural curiosity has emerged and I find myself hungering for information to guide me through this new chapter in my life: my fitness journey.

Something major has shifted in my thinking and outlook -- and it feels great.

Another Happy Milestone

I just figured out something amazing this morning. (I am easily amazed these days, so I hope you'll bear with me.)

My treadmill measures distance in miles, not kilometres!

This means the 1.34 "distance" reading on my treadmill actually equals 2.1 km.

This is a big deal to me because, a year or two ago, I could not have walked this distance in any amount of time. I know this because I participated in a 2 km walk for one of my favourite charities and it left me feeling totally winded.

Now I can cover more than that distance -- and I can do so in 30 minutes, with a significant incline on my treadmill -- and think nothing of it.

Yes, I'm feeling pretty pumped.

In other happy news:

Wardrobe Malfunction

Apparently, I'm going to have to put a bit more thought into packing for a trip, now that I'm losing weight.

I can't simply assume that the clothes that I wore the last time I travelled on business are going to be suitable this time around.

I learned this lesson the hard way on Friday morning when I put on a pair of pinstriped dress pants I had packed for an out-of-town meeting.

They gaped so much around my waist and hips that they were dragging on the ground.

I ended up having to hike my pants up dozens of time while I was at the meeting. It was awkward, to say the least. So, after the meeting wrapped up, I spent the afternoon shopping for some clothes that actually fit. That's when I discovered that I have dropped three pant sizes over the past two months.

The scale may not be going down at a huge rate these days (I'm losing about a pound a week right now), but this is further evidence that the weight is coming off, particularly around my waist and hips.

I'm also feeling a lot "fitter." This past week, I managed to squeeze in five workouts: four on the treadmill plus a walk with my Dad. Working out has actually become something I enjoy and look forward to.

Losing a relatively small amount of weight (23 pounds as of last Monday's weigh-in) has made a huge difference in terms of how I feel, both inside and out.

Flying the Happy Skies

I experienced a major breakthrough this week -- one that had me so happy that I had to share my joy with a total stranger who, quite frankly, was a little freaked out by my exuberance. (Hey, it happens.)

To understand what happened and why this was a big deal for me, I have to take you back to this time last year.

I had been doing a lot of speaking across the country -- travel that necessitated hoping on and off quite a few airplanes.

During one of these trips, I discovered, to my horror, that I couldn't get the two halves of the seatbelt to meet across my belly.

I had heard about the dreaded seatbelt extender. But knowing that such a thing exists and having to actually ask the flight attendant to let you borrow one are two different matters entirely.

I felt like every single person on the airplane was staring at me when I was forced to make that request.

Now fast-forward to this week. I needed to take a flight to a journalism conference in Nashville. For days before my flight, I kept thinking about the seatbelt extender -- wondering if I would need one when I took my seat onboard the plane.

I need not have worried. The three inches I have lost off my hips since the beginning of the year made all the difference: I was able to snap the two halves of the seatbelt together.

I have to tell you: that click made a beautiful sound. 

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.
— Lao Tzu